We constantly get those emails and special offers for outsourcing your website design offshore. Offshore web design agencies promise professional results, fast turnaround, convenience and huge savings. Some decide to utilize their services and in many cases, they get less than they hoped for.

While many offshore web design companies offer low prices for their web design services, far too many of their clients learn that you get what you pay for. The majority of web design companies based outside the US simply cannot offer the services and quality of a reputable, native speaking web designer. Just sending money overseas to pay for services is often time-consuming and expensive. Wiring money or sending overseas transfers to pay for web design is not even always safe and can leave company owners vulnerable to identity theft.

Your website is a virtual window to your business and first impressions matter. Someone living half-way around the world simply cannot be in touch with the nuances of modern American marketing thoroughly. Many companies who hire overseas web design services often have to spend extra time, money, and staff resources to repair sloppy and improper copy. While the technical structure of the website might seem acceptable, the style and aesthetic elements of those websites can be very outdated. In far too many cases, companies look at the bottom line and hire these web design services only to realize that they need to pay to have their web redesigned all over again. Does your company really want to pay TWICE for web design services?

Before deciding to outsource your web design project offshore, consider that  many offshore companies offer an impressively low hourly charge, but take longer to finish a project. Even though a web design company only charges a fraction of its US counterpart in terms of hourly price, it can easily end up charging a similar amount, simply by taking longer to complete the same amount of work.

Offshore web design can be a big risk. Of course, it is possible to find the quality you deserve with minimal effort. If you do, consider yourself lucky.

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